Last Update: May 25, 2017

Fixing FX: The Currency Trader's New Guide to Ethical Behavior
Lananh Nguyen and Lucy Meakin, Bloomberg, May 25, 2017 · Read Excerpt
Wells Fargo Fails To Escape Penalty In $1.25B Tax 'Sham'
Vidya Kauri, Law360 - Securities, May 24, 2017 · Read Excerpt
U.S. CFTC Seeks Bigger Budget than White House Proposal
Sarah N. Lynch, Reuters, May 23, 2017 · Read Excerpt
Citigroup Agrees to $97.4 Million Settlement in Money Laundering Inquiry
Michael Corkery and Ben Protess, The New York Times DealBook, May 22, 2017 · Read Excerpt
CFTC Bolsters Rules to Shield Whistleblowers From Retaliation
Sarah N. Lynch, Reuters, May 22, 2017 · Read Excerpt
Ukrainian Hacker Gets 2 1/2 Years for Stealing News Releases
David Voreacos, Bloomberg, May 22, 2017 · Read Excerpt
Cooperman Agrees to Softer Punishment in Deal With Trump's SEC
Bob Van Voris and Matt Robinson, Bloomberg, May 18, 2017 · Read Excerpt
Trump Rolls Back Obama DOL Rule For State Retirement Plans
Vin Gurrieri, Law360 - Securities, May 18, 2017 · Read Excerpt
U.S. Derivatives Regulator to get Digital Makeover, Update Rules
Sarah N. Lynch, Reuters, May 17, 2017 · Read Excerpt
Wall Street Regulator Detects Fewer Signals of Illegal 'Layering'
Sarah N. Lynch, Reuters, May 17, 2017 · Read Excerpt
China Mobile Games Agrees To $1.5M Deal In Investor Suit
William Gorta, Law360 - Securities, May 23, 2017 · Read Excerpt
THQ, Execs Agree To Pay $2.6M To Settle UDraw Suit
Cara Salvatore, Law360 - Securities, May 08, 2017 · Read Excerpt
Timber Co. Will Pay $73M To End Stock-Drop Suit
Jack Newsham, Law360 - Securities, April 13, 2017 · Read Excerpt
KBR To Shell Out $10.5M In Deal With Investors Over Losses
Cara Bayles, Law360 - Securities, April 10, 2017 · Read Excerpt
Ruby Tuesday Settles Investor Class Action For $5M
Joyce Hanson, Law360 - Securities, March 30, 2017 · Read Excerpt
Pharma Co. Dodges Shareholder Suit Over Failed Antibiotic
Martin O'Sullivan, Law360 - Securities, May 10, 2017 · Read Excerpt
EZCorp Must Face Some Of Investors' Securities Fraud Claims
Jon Hill, Law360 - Securities, May 09, 2017 · Read Excerpt
Valeant Securities Fraud Case Lives, Could Lose Debt Claims
Jack Newsham, Law360 - Securities, May 01, 2017 · Read Excerpt
Packaging Co. Settles Investor Suit Over $2.3B WestRock Deal
Martin O'Sullivan, Law360 - Securities, April 26, 2017 · Read Excerpt
GigPeak Investor Kills Suit Over $250M Semiconductor Merger
Cara Mannion, Law360 - Securities, April 12, 2017 · Read Excerpt