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Case Status:    SETTLED
On or around 09/09/2011 (Date of order of final judgment)

Filing Date: August 25, 2010

On August 6, 2010, the Defendants entered into a definitive Agreement and Plan of Merger to commence a cash tender offer to acquire all of the outstanding shares of common stock of Superior at $22.12 per share. The Offer was commenced on or about August 11, 2010. In connection with the proposed transaction the Individual Defendants filed a materially false and misleading Schedule 14D-9, recommending that the public shareholders tender their shares in the offer, in breach of the Individual Defendants’ fiduciary duties to the Company’s shareholders both with respect to price and process, and will benefit certain Superior insiders to the detriment of Plaintiff and the Class.

On November 12, 2010, a Stipulation of Dismissal was filed and on November 15, 2010, the Court entered the Order signed by Judge David S. Cercone dismissing the action without prejudice. The case is now closed.

The action is still pending in the related class action, Denney v. Wallace, case number 10-CV-01154. On June 7, 2011, a motion for settlement and Stipulation and Agreement of Settlement were filed. On June 22, 2011, the settlement was preliminarily approved. The final settlement hearing was set for September 8, 2011.

On September 9, 2011, Judge Cathy Bissoon granted the Joint Motion for final approval of class settlement. Final judgment was entered and the action was dismissed with prejudice.


Sector: Energy
Industry: Oil Well Services & Equipment
Headquarters: United States


Ticker Symbol: SWSI
Company Market: NASDAQ
Market Status: Public (Listed)

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COURT: W.D. Pennsylvania
DOCKET #: 10-CV-01121
JUDGE: Hon. David S. Cercone
DATE FILED: 08/25/2010
CLASS PERIOD END: 08/25/2010
  1. Jones, Gregg, Creehan & Gerace, LLP
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  2. Richard A. Finberg
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  3. Weiss & Lurie (New York, NY)
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COURT: W.D. Pennsylvania
DOCKET #: 10-CV-01154
JUDGE: Hon. David S. Cercone
DATE FILED: 08/31/2010
CLASS PERIOD END: 08/31/2010
  1. Pribanic & Pribanic
    513 Court Place, Pribanic & Pribanic, PA 15219
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